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Winning The Jackpot: Tips And Tricks

Winning a jackpot is not easy. If it were, the jackpot wouldn’t exist in the first place. However, since we have seen people winning jackpots, it is clear that they are winnable. The elephant in the room is how to win one. If someone ever told you that there is a formula for winning a jackpot, that was the biggest lie of your life. A jackpot is won only through a combination of a few well-thought tips and Godsend luck. Here are a few tips on how to win the jackpot. Combine them with lady luck, and you will wake up a millionaire one day.

1. Know The Difference Between Jackpots

There are two different types of jackpots – progressive and fixed.

A fixed jackpot is when you always earn a certain sum if you win, for example, 10 000 times your wager. Most slots have that type of jackpot, though not all of them announce it as a jackpot.

A progressive jackpot is a different beast entirely – that one accumulates over time, with no limit as to how big it can grow. Let’s say, 2% of all money deposited into the slot goes into the progressive jackpot. So for every £100,000 that players spend, £2,000 gets added to the jackpot, while most of the rest gets dispersed back to the players in the form of winnings.

It’s progressive jackpots you should be aiming for if you want to make it big!

2. Know The Conditions Behind Each Jackpot

Every slot offers what’s known as a paytable. It’s a presentation with multiple slide built into the slot which explains its features – bonus games, symbols, paylines, and yes, jackpots, too. There are usually certain conditions behind when you can and can’t win the jackpot, especially as far as progressive jackpots are concerned.

For example – you’re not eligible to win unless you’re playing on all paylines, you can’t win during free spins, you can’t win unless your minimum bet is at least X, etc. Be wary of these requirements! The last thing you want is to realize that you’ve been playing wrong after spending £50 on a slot! Generally try to stay away from slots with a lot of conditions unless the jackpots are reall

3. Understand Your Game Inside and Out

Get to the depth of your game, whichever it is. You don’t expect to win a jackpot if you know little about your game. However, with in-depth knowledge of how the game goes, you will always have an idea of what to expect from certain game setups. This way, you will make informed decisions.

4. Give Every Outcome an Equal Chance

Every outcome is possible. Therefore, keep the gamblers’ fallacy out of your game. Realize that things don’t always move in the direction that you expect them to move in real life. For instance, many gamblers expect a team that is on a winning streak to lose in the next game. To them, it is natural to lose after several winnings. While this may happen, it is not always the case. A team can be winning from the beginning to the end or lose all through. Therefore, give every possibility an equal chance. Hopefully, the game is fair, and the results cannot be manipulated.

5. Don’t Give Up

Finally, never give up. You will not will the jackpot as soon as you think. By the way, it may take a year or so for you to win. And no one promises you that you will win at the end of all these trails. This is something you must accept and keep going. Winning jackpots is only for those who believe in themselves and those who pray for luck in their lives. Therefore, be ready to try several times, and learn from each of your trials. You will become better with time. Your day will finally come.

How to Play Smart


  1. Think with your head, not with your heart.
  2. Invest into things you're familiar with.
  3. Look at the big picture.
  4. Cut your losses.

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